Hey Email Gets Multi-Account Support and Hey for Work Released

The Hey team has been hard at work with several updates for Hey Email released today:

1. HEY for Work is now released. I’ve been trying it with one of my accounts and I’m impressed with its collaboration tools. Thread sharing with people on your team without hitting that damn BCC button is a massive improvement to team email. You can also move your work domain into Hey for Work as part of the setup. Another nice features is that the labels (tags) work everywhere and are consistent. That is not an easy nut to crack with other Mac email solutions.

2. Multi-account support. If you have multiple Hey accounts (e.g., work and personal) you can now see all that email at the same time or filter by account.

3. Revamped Forwarding + SMTP send-as support. There is better SMTP support so you can reply using alternative domain email addresses rather than your @hey.com address (partially depending on your alternative email host).

One of the big questions when Hey first arrived was whether it was going to be sustainable enough to merit continued support and development. It looks like that is no longer a worry. I’m impressed with the service, but I still don’t like the icon.