Announcing the DEVONthink Field Guide

Hooray! The DEVONthink Field Guide lives! I first started work on this Field Guide in April. Now it’s ready for you.

The Details

  • DEVONthink secrets unlocked

  • 8.5 hours

  • 100+ videos

  • Over 9 gigabytes of video files

  • PDF and ePub transcripts

  • Downloadable data sets

  • Fully captioned

  • Combined videos for easier download

  • Six video interviews with DEVONthink power users where they explain how they use the app

  • Everything you need to take you from a DEVONthink novice to expert

The DEVONthink Field Guide teaches you, soup to nuts, how take advantage of one of the most powerful research / artificial intelligence / do-anything-with-your-files apps available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. With 8.5 hours of content, the course starts from zero and, by the end, turns you into a DEVONthink pro. The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike, with a thorough explanation of DEVONthink and all its features.

I’ve continued to press down on the production values button, and these videos came out great. Also, there are 2 gigabytes of data for you to download to build a sample database as you are learning the app. To truly understand DEVONthink, you’ve got to throw some data at it.

DEVONthink is a powerful application, and I built this field guide to help you get the most from it. There is a limited time launch discount, so get it now.