SaneBox (Sponsor)

New year, new you going as planned? If you resolved to declutter and clean up your inbox for the new year, consider giving SaneBox a try. You can test it out for yourself with their 14-day free trial.

There’s nothing to download, and SaneBox works with any webmail/email client. So, why SaneBox? SaneBox will learn from you how to manage your inbox.

They have powerful A.I. that analyzes your email history and learns what is important to you. Not every email needs to be read immediately. There are some that you can read and respond to later, and SaneBox will automatically move those to your SaneLater folder after some training. That leaves only the important messages in your inbox so distractions are kept to a minimum.

Then, SaneBox will send you a daily digest, which summarizes the new email in your SaneLater folder, and here you can check if there any mistakes or emails you need to move or re-train. Not all email is created equally.

Give SaneBox a whirl for free for 14 days and get the robots to help manage distracting unimportant email.