Audio Hijack Is the Mac’s Best Audio Recorder, and So Much More (Sponsor)

Audio Hijack lets you record any audio on your Mac, from individual applications like Safari or Zoom, hardware audio devices like microphones and mixers, or even the audio output of the entire system. If you can hear it, you can record it. Whatever you need to do with audio on your Mac, Audio Hijack can help.

  • Record conversations from Zoom, FaceTime, and other VoIP apps
  • Save streaming audio from the web
  • Create podcasts, both remote and in-studio
  • Digitize vinyl
  • And so much more

To say Audio Hijack is essential to me for my work is an understatement. But my family and I find uses for Audio Hijack all the time. For example, my wife is now in the Disneyland Candlelight Christmas Choir. She wanted to practice but didn’t have any recordings. So we got last year’s concert on YouTube and downloaded the audio with Audio Hijack so now she can practice in the car.

Last week, Rogue Amoeba shipped Audio Hijack 4.3 with a brand-new Transcribe block to turn any spoken audio into text. The Mac’s best audio recording tool now also gives you unlimited transcription, without ongoing charges. Transcribe audio from a mic, an app, or a file. It’s great for video meetings, podcasts, and so much more. Read all about it in the Audio Hijack 4.3 blog post.

Through the end of November, MacSparky readers can save 20% by purchasing with coupon code SPARKS20. Visit the Audio Hijack site to download the free trial.