Transcripts in Apple Podcasts

With the iOS 17.4 update, the Podcasts app from Apple now has the ability to create transcripts of podcasts. This is great news. For years, people have asked me to add transcripts to the Mac Power Users and my other shows, but the problem has always been that it is cost prohibitive. With the explosion of artificial intelligence over the last year or two, that is no longer the case. And not only that, it’s built-in to the app, so we don’t even need to produce it ourselves.

iPad in landscape mode showing the Podcasts app from Apple. The episode shown is from the Mac Power Users podcast, entitled “I Got to Be the Hero.” You can see the artwork and the play controls on the left, and the new live transcription feature on the right, with some text highlighted at the top.

A couple nice features is that the transcript is searchable and tapping on an area of the transcript jumps the audio to that point.

This is a really nice update to Podcasts. Is it going to be enough to pull me away from Overcast? Probably not. But I’m at least going to take a serious look.