Vision’s Future

Mark Gurman reports that Apple is looking at some interesting ideas for a more affordable visionOS headset, including tethering the device to an iPhone or a Mac. Tethering to an iPhone doesn’t seem much different from being connected to a battery, as it currently does. Tethering to a Mac, however, feels like an entirely different kettle of fish.

medium close up of vision pro device on its custom stand, in an apple retail store.

Photo by Mylo Kaye

If Apple is rethinking its Vision strategy, my two cents would be to make the currently shipping hardware more attractive:

  • More immersive content
  • More sports
  • More immersive concert footage
  • More environments
  • More productivity software and workflows

There is a lot of blue sky left for Vision and visionOS, but a more compelling software and content story needs to come first.