Rebuilding the MacBook Pro

For a variety of reasons I’ve decided to take my MacBook Pro to ground zero.  This morning I pushed the button on the OS X install disk and today I’ve been re-loading the essentials.  I keep a lot of applications on this machine.  I am, however, only going to load the applications I actually use as I rebuild it.  That is right.  My applications are on notice.  They are going to have to *earn* their way back.
It will be interesting to see just how bloated my applications folder becomes in a few months.  Stay tuned.

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Logic Board #3

Genius Bar.jpg

My MacBook Pro is at the Apple Store getting its third logic board and, strangely, I’m okay with that. I first noticed a problem with the right USB port dropping off when accessing a USB Drive or recording. After some diagnosis at the Apple Store, they figured the logic board needed to be replaced. So I turned it in and a few days later got the cal to pick it up.
When I showed up, a very nice Apple Genius explained the new board had a small defect for the onboard battery (the one that keeps time when you shut it down). They had already ordered a replacement but told me to take the Mac home until the new one showed up. Sure enough, they now have the replacement board and are setting things right. This was a great consumer experience. Not because the board was wrong but because they cared enough to figure that out and get the situation resolved even before I knew about it.
As an aside, if you ever get a new logic board, make sure to de-authorize your iTunes account before the replacement. The logic board has the serial number on it so to the rest of the world it is like you got a new computer. It looks like I’m also going to need to restart the Time Machine.

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New Mac Pros and Other Things Shiny

mac pro.jpg

Today Apple announced an upgrade to the Mac Pro line making the eight cores standard. That is one screaming machine. (Of course I said the same thing about my 512k Atari ST about 20 years ago so it is probably all relative.)
Anyway, I’m not so excited about the Mac Pro since I run solely on my laptop. However, the fact that Apple would announce these new machines the week before Macworld leads me to believe there must be several other things shiny and new to share. Hmmmm.

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Mac Hardware and Software Updates

New iMac

Although I generally don’t consider MacSparky a “news” site, there is some great live coverage of the Mac event today at Engadget right here. At the time of this posting, Steve has released the new iMacs, iLife 08, and iWork 08 and a bump of .Mac drive space (I think) to 10 gb. The software updates look fantastic and will be finding their way on to my hard drive soon.

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Review – Tekkeon myCharger


This little gadget allows you to charge an iPod and just about any other kind of cell phone from a single AC plug. The myCharger device is compact charger with a USB female plug on the bottom. You can plug an iPod cord in the bottom and charge your iPod or iPhone directly. It also has a separate cord with a usb plug on one end and an adapter on the other end. It also comes with a series of plugs for the adapter that allows you to charge several different brands of cell phones including Blackbery, LG Mobile, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. I took it into the office and managed to charge everyone’s phone.
Tekkeon also sales add-ons to allow you to charge other 5 volt devices and international plugs for serious travelers.
There are many charging products on the market. I think the Tekkeon myCharger is really best for travelers or others who find themselves carrying several chargers. Using this product, you can cut down on the clutter in your bag. You can find the myCharger online for about $19.

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