Mac Power Users 729: Don’t Hear What We Aren’t Saying

On this feedback episode of Mac Power Users, we’re talking more about AppleCare and the Vision Pro, then some listener feedback, and more proof Stephen and I spend too much time together. 

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Mac Power Users Outfitters


We’ve had a surprising number of listeners ask about Mac Power Users clothing. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that our graphic artist, Darren Rolfe, is brilliant. Regardless, we have opened the Mac Power Users Outfitters. I will be adding some MacSparky stuff and other funny Mac shirts in the future (Am I the only one that thinks a shirt that said Cmd Z would be hilarious?). I’m not convinced anyone is really going to buy any of this stuff except perhaps me and my mom (though I’m not really sure about mom). Regardless, have at it.

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