BestPhotos 2.0


I wrote awhile back how how I started using BestPhotos for doing the initial photo sort and purge on on my iPhone. The thing is, it is really easy to take a lot of pictures with your iPhone. Ask me to take a picture of a group of friends and I won’t shoot just one. I’ll shoot six with the reckless abandon of someone who grew up in a family where we only bought a few rolls of film a year.

While the small iPhone screen may not be sufficient to do fine edits, it’s a great place to trash photos that, for one reason or another, don’t make the cut.


Trying to accomplish this in the native Photos application is painful. Apple requires multiple tasks to get rid of photos and doesn’t present them in a way that makes it easy to see the keepers versus the rejects.

BestPhotos solves all of those problems and now they have released version 2.0. With BestPhotos, just tap on an image and expands from its thumbnail so you can look at it and swipe right to make it a favorite (or hide) or left to delete it. Think of it as Tinder for your pictures. One nice new feature in version 2.0 is “auto advance” that, once you swipe a photo left or right, immediately advances to the next one in your library.

If you want to compare two images side-by-side, the application can do that too. PowerPhotos is particularly useful after a family event, where I’ve taken multiple pictures of groups of people and I want to quickly get rid of the rejects before looking at the keepers closer on my Mac or iPad. BestPhotos is a free download with a $2.99 unlock of all the application features .