A Cellular MacBook

I don’t usually comment on Apple patents because there are so many of them, and they typically don’t mean what you think they mean.

However, this one about improved cellular technologies in MacBooks has me taking the bait. The case for a cellular MacBook in the Intel days was good. The case for a cellular MacBook in the age of Apple silicon is infinitely better. Apple already makes devices with Apple chips that have cellular radios. Indeed, quite a lot of them. In my opinion, at this point, every MacBook purchase should have a “Would you like a cellular radio with this?” checkbox on it, just like the iPads do. 

If I had to guess, Apple is waiting to release its own long-awaited cellular radio chip before taking the plunge. However, if Apple still doesn’t have a cellular radio option for the MacBook when that day arrives, I’ll be out of ideas as to why not.