ThoughtAsylum Icon Generator

Stephen Millard has made an ingenious shortcut that solves the problem of generating icons. The particular itch that Stephen was trying to scratch was the development of icons for his Stream Deck. However, if you do any automation, you’re constantly bumping into places that you’d like to have icons. One of the things I particularly like about Stephen’s solution is the way it works with Apple’s SF Symbols, which I like.
Either way, if you want to render 10 or 10,000 icons this weekend, check this out.

The New Perspective Icons from MacStories

Today MacStories released a fresh new batch of perspective icons for OmniFocus. This group includes 400 different glyphs in 25 different colors in both glyph and square form. When you do the math, that comes out to 20,000 icons. Yikes! In addition to upgrading my OmniFocus perspective icons, I also find icon files handy for all sorts of uses ranging from graphics in presentations to Shortcuts icons. You can get the whole pile at the discounted price of $18 (usual price $25) for a short time.