Getting the Most from Button Creator (MacSparky Labs)

I’ve used the Button Creator app several times in Labs videos, prompting several questions about it. Here’s a walk-through of this handy little app that lets you easily create simple icons and buttons…This is a post for MacSparky Labs Members only. <a href=””>Care to join?</a> Or perhaps <a href=””>do you need to sign in?</a>

Using the Stream Deck with Apple Mail (MacSparky Labs)

I’ve heard from several members asking how I’m using the Stream Deck with Apple Mail. Here’s an explanation, along with downloadable links to referenced scripts. Can someone actually fill up a 32-button Stream Deck with Apple Mail? Yep…

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Stream Deck +

Elgato has released a new Stream Deck+ that seems aimed at some of the more expensive media controllers on the market. It’s got fewer buttons but adds a display and four dials. I’ve ordered one and will report more on it once I get some hands on time with it. Regardless, Elgato just continues to put out interesting products for the Mac.

StreamDeck + Keyboard Maestro with KMLink

The Stream Deck already has a built-in plug-in for running Keyboard Maestro. It’s great and lets me run Keyboard Maestro scripts from my Stream Deck. However, it can also be tedious in that it requires me to hard link specific buttons to the Stream Deck and if I want to move a button, I’ve got to get past a bunch of friction. If I want to move the button, I needed to change the Keyboard Maestro entry. That’s no fun.

Lately I’ve been just using the independently developed KMLink instead. The script looks at your Keyboard Maestro library and lets you attach a specific script to the button. You can also add a custom icon. Once you add it to your Stream Deck setup, you can move the button around the Stream Deck without any complicated remapping.

If you are combining your Stream Deck with Keyboard Maestro, you’ll want to check this out.