MarsEdit 5

If you ever write for the Web, one of the first things you learn is to never write on the Web. Web-based writing tools treat humans like angry cats do. They occasionally knock your valuables off the shelves “just because”.

For years, Daniel Jalkut has been publishing (and upgrading) MarsEdit, a native Mac app built so you can write your precious words offline (where there are no angry cats) and then easily publish them to your platform of choice. With back on WordPress, I’ve been able to bring MarsEdit back into my life and I sure did miss it.

Moreover, Daniel has recently released version 5. Big updates include:


This helps you streamline short-form blogging. Small posts are often my best posts. This new growing feature set makes that easier.

Rebuilt Rich Editor

MarsEdit’s rich text editor got an overhaul using Apple’s latest WebKit2 technologies. This makes it faster and more stable.

Markdown Syntax Highlighting

Yes, thank you.

screenshot of MarsEdit window with Markdown text visually styled

And a New Icon to Boot

MarsEdit 5 icon featurinng a white rocket with blue flame against an orange background

There are plenty of other small touches that show this is an app made by someone who cares. If you publish to the Internet, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest MarsEdit.

This update is free for MarsEdit 4 users who purchased a license on or after June 1, 2022. For all other licensed MarsEdit 4 users, the upgrade fee is $29.95. For all other users the one-time purchase price is $59.95.

Users who purchased the in-app purchase via the Mac App Store can obtain the same upgrade discounts within the Mac App Store version of MarsEdit 5, when it becomes available, by locating a valid copy of MarsEdit 4 with premium features unlocked.

MarsEdit is also on Setapp.

MarsEdit 4

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 6.06.22 PM.png

MarsEdit, one of the premier Mac blogging applications got updated today to version 4. This new version has seven years of development behind it and a lot of new features including a new look, additional WordpPress support, additional editor improvements and automatic preview template generation. There’s a lot to this.

I used MarsEdit extensively back when MacSparky was on WordPress and it was a great solution. These days I’m on SquareSpace, which doesn’t play nice with third-party editors, but if you are blogging on anything other than SquareSpace, I’d recommend downloading the new MarsEdit and giving the free trial a spin.