Elon to Twitter Employees: Go Hardcore or Quit

Ars Technica reports Elon Musk sent an email to all Twitter employees that they need to go “hardcore” and work long hours or they should quit (and get three months’ severance). I feel for Twitter employees. They didn’t grossly overpay for the company, but now they are expected to put in long hours to attempt its reinvention. This is a monumental task. Right now Facebook, with its 2 billion active users, is struggling. Twitter has something more like 200 million active users. One-tenth the reach. Whether Twitter is successful (and Elon makes more billions) or unsuccessful (and everyone gets laid off), those who sign on to Elon’s hardcore employment still have to deal with wreckage that does to the rest of their lives and relationships.

Steve Jobs did a similar thing at Apple in 1997 when he came back … kind of. I’ve heard of a meeting where he told people they need to get on board or leave, but I’ve never seen any reporting that it included the condition that they screw up their lives. A video from this period on YouTube shows Steve’s plan to turn the company around. Still, that meeting was more to sell his employees on his vision than giving them any ultimatum.

Regardless, if I worked for Twitter, I would take the severance and run.

iOS 16.2 Beta Brings Hide Wallpaper Option for Always On Display

That didn’t take long. There were a lot of folks that wanted an option to hide wallpaper on their iPhone 14 Pro’s Always On screen. They’re about to get it.

As a brief check-in, the Always On screen is still handy. Now, my eyes look down at my phone for the time, next appointment, and other details without a second thought. I’ve set mine to change based on Focus Mode, and I dig it. I’m not seeing any problem with battery life, but my vertical stand doubles as a MagSafe charger, so I’m cheating a bit.

The Monday Brief (MacSparky Labs)

I’ve been counseling the Labs members to wait for a new MacBook Pro since I think the M2 versions are not far off. However, I received a note from lab member Brian explaining he couldn’t wait any longer and asked if I thought it was a mistake to buy an M1 MacBook Pro now. In short, my reply was “no”… This is a post for MacSparky Labs Tier 2 (Backstage) and Tier 3 (Early Access) Members only. Care to join? Or perhaps do you need to sign in?

Mac Power Users 666: The 2022 MPU Gift Guide

Believe it or not, it is time for the annual Mac Power User’s Holiday Gift Guide once again!

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DEVONthink for All of Your Research (Sponsor)

I often hear from listeners/readers looking for a research solution in the Mac ecosystem. My favorite app for this, without a doubt, is DEVONthink. DEVONthink is the most professional document and information management application for the Mac. It’s the one place for storing all your documents, snippets, or bookmarks, and working with them.

The Integrated A.I. assists you with filing and searching, while the extensive search language with advanced Boolean operators.

DEVONthink features a Flexible sync system that supports many cloud services – or lets you synchronize over the local network too – with everything securely encrypted. This gives you the choice for however syncing works best for you!

It has Smart rules and flexible reminders that let you automate all parts of your workflow and delegate boring, repeating tasks. Let DEVONthink automatically organize your data with rules you define!

DEVONthink’s AppleScript dictionary is one of the largest on the Mac. There’s no part of DEVONthink that can’t be automated. Extend DEVONthink’s functionality with your own commands by adding them to its Scripts menu.

Even templates can have scripts inside and you can set up new documents with data from placeholders, or inserted by your own AppleScript code.

And, of course, there’s so much more, from an iOS companion app, email archiving, scanning, or even an embedded web server for sharing your data securely with your team.

I’ve heard from so many people that use DEVONthink in so many ways ranging from managing bills to writing their doctoral thesis. It is that good. I love the way the DEVONthink developers have thought through all the little details from syncing to using the built-in artificial intelligence.

I find the combination of innovative features and automation support irresistible. Interested? MacSparky readers can get a 20% discount on DEVONthink..