Apple’s “Let Loose” Event Set for May 7

We’ve been talking about new iPads for months. It looks like it’s nearly time for release with Apple’s announcement of the “Let Loose” event, scheduled for May 7. The event, confirmed to be an all-digital affair, sure looks to be iPad-focused with the prominent display of Apple Pencil.

Mirroring the online format of last October’s “Scary Fast” event, this one will be at 7 a.m. PT (10 a.m. ET) via Apple’s website. The centerpiece of the event is expected to be the new iPad Pro lineup. Rumors suggest that both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models will feature OLED displays, making them thinner than their predecessors. This upgrade is anticipated to enhance the visual experience, offering deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.

Also, the iPad Air is rumored to get a new 12.9-inch model. This would follow other Apple product lines getting a less expensive larger model like the 15-inch MacBook Air and the iPhone Plus models.

An intriguing piece of the “Let Loose” puzzle is the tease of a new Apple Pencil. Enhanced with “Find My” integration and magnetically swappable tips, this stylus is rumored to redefine digital drawing and writing. Additionally, a potential “Squeeze” gesture feature could introduce a new layer of interactivity, adding to its versatility. It won’t be long now.

The New Apple Pencil

New Apple Pencil

This week, Apple released a new budget Apple Pencil ($79 US) that dumps the Lightning connector for USB-C. I like that they took the trouble to change the design. The old Lightning pencil had the plug at the top, leaving me with a (nearly) irresistible desire to turn my iPad into the world’s most expensive and precarious lollipop. This new design saves us from the temptation.

This also marks another step in Apple removing the Lightning connector from the line. When considering what is next for the transition to USB-C, my money’s on keyboards, trackpads, and Magic Mouse. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Apple Mouse got a redesign in the process to something that doesn’t have to be turned on its side to charge?

Hacking the iPad Smart Keyboard Viewing Angle with an Apple Pencil

I’m generally pretty happy with the iPad Smart Keyboard cover. It takes little space and the keyboard is good enough to get work done when I need to type on the road. My biggest gripe is the viewing angle. It’s engineered to be angled up when the iPad is in your lap (or down near lap level). When I sit at a higher table, however, the viewing angle is tilted a little too far back and there is no way to adjust it.

When I find myself in that position, I set my Apple Pencil behind the iPad between it and the the Smart Keyboard iPad rest wedge, pictured below. It adds about a quarter of an inch and makes the screen easier to view. If that’s not enough, you can angle the screen even further with an AirPod case.


Sparky’s iPad screen angle hack.